Just a short hello!

Hello everyone! Finally, I’ve sat down and got this blog going.  For months now, I’ve been planning to start this one, but with my writing work gathering some momentum. I seem to have no time updating my blog.  Of course, it did not help that I got a bit distracted by Facebook and I seem to have spent most of my free time updating that one.

Anyway, for those who’ve dropped by on pure chance, I’ll take this chance to introduce myself.  I’m Hope Varnes, I’m married with two kiddie winkies and I’m a copywriter.  I launched my Copywriting service last November 2010, and luckily it is thriving.  To my great relief.  To know more about me, you may want to swing by my “about” page.

I write web content, SEO articles, sales letter, newsletters, text for e-mail marketing and other texts that compliment my clients’ marketing campaigns.

Why have  started this blog? Well, my aim is to share some ideas on copywriting, especially to those who are contemplating starting a career as one.  This is also a platform for clients to know a little about me, not just my work.  I do get quite busy, so altough, I’m hoping to update this blog as often as I can, I’m not sure I can do it everyday, but I hope you’ll drop by once in a while.

Well, I better go.  My kids are performing an exclusive concert for me and I can’t wait to listen them perform “fame” at the top of their voice.


About Hope Varnes

I'm a mum and a copywriter based in Harrogate in North Yorkshire. When I'm not writing sales copies, web content and articles, I enjoy writing children's stories and playing with my two children. I also update my Mum's Daily blog (unfortunately, not daily as life is too busy.) I also enjoy travelling with my family, walking and taking pictures. I'm a mother and a wife first and copywriter second, but it doesn't mean I compromise on the quality of my work.
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