The Myth of Perfect Conversion – by Tim Ash

You’ve set up your website, paid for Adwords and got your name at the top of the search engine ranking.  You’ve got thousands of visits every day yet, you don’t get thousands of customers.

In this article, Tim Ash discusses the Myth of Perfect Conversion and which of your visitors you should focus.

Don’t make the mistake of assuming that every visitor is a potential prospect or buyer for your goods or services. That would be a delusion. The mythical 100% conversion rate simply does not exist.

There are three types of visitors to your website:

1. Noes — Those that won’t ever take the desired action

2. Yesses — Those that will always take the desired action

3. Maybes — Those that may take the desired action

You should completely ignore the first two and concentrate on the last group.

Let’s examine this more closely.

via The Myth of Perfect Conversion – by Tim Ash.


About Hope Varnes

I'm a mum and a copywriter based in Harrogate in North Yorkshire. When I'm not writing sales copies, web content and articles, I enjoy writing children's stories and playing with my two children. I also update my Mum's Daily blog (unfortunately, not daily as life is too busy.) I also enjoy travelling with my family, walking and taking pictures. I'm a mother and a wife first and copywriter second, but it doesn't mean I compromise on the quality of my work.
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